Chinese Cemetery

This graveyard is located on the left side of the small water pool or main entrance of Mahapanya Vidayalai College. These statues of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha are mainly built for storing bones and ashes left after cremation of a dead person.  There are 224 statues. The back of every statue has a square opening which is sealed after inserting the remains from cremation.

The Abbot of the temple made Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha statues for storing bones because Kshitigarbha is regarded as the care taker of hell beings and has a deep relationship with beings of the earth – humans, and especially with the hungry ghosts and hell beings. This is mainly because these ghosts and hell beings are the most difficult to rise into a more fortunate condition due to their previous unwholesome actions. Thus Kshitigarbha has been known as the Teacher of the Dark Regions because of his past vow to save them all.


                                                 sabbe satta avera hontu (may all beings be free from enmity and danger)

·         sabbe satta abyapajjha hontu (may all beings be free from mental suffering)

·       sabbe satta anigha hontu (may all beings be free from physical suffering)

·  sabbe satta dukkha muccantu (may all beings be free from suffering)

·                       sabbe satta sukhi attanam pariharantu (may all beings protect themselves joyfully)



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