The Thousand-Armed-and-Eyed Avalokiteshvara Statue

Known as “Jou Mae Kwan Im" in Thai, the Thousand-Armed-and-Eyed Bodhisattva is another manifestation of the Lord Avalokiteshvara. A statue of this Bodhisattva is placed inside the basement shrine of the Nine-Tier Pagoda. It is made of aromatic redolent wood from China.

Legend says, at the beginning of her Bodhisattva career, she vowed: "Should I ever become disheartened in saving sentient beings; may my body shatter into thousand pieces!" She was prompted to resolve this way due to her overwhelming great compassion and determination to rescue sentient beings from samsara. Because of this, she is also known as the Great Compassionate One.             
                In the course of her Bodhisattvahood, she transported (by giving the Dharma teachings) the beings of the three lower realms (hell, pretas, and animals), to the pure land, for three times. Expecting that by now the lower realms must have become empty of sentient beings, she looked down but to her dismay, she saw countless beings were still flooding the lower realms. In a moment of exasperation, she became so disheartened that she thought that it is impossible to help sentient beings. And true to her vow, her body shattered into 1000 pieces and she suffered great pain and agony. Despite this, she consciously beseeched the Buddhas for help.

Buddha Amitabha appeared before her and said, “O the child of a noble family, do not lament but renew your Bodhisattva vows.” In so saying this, all the broken parts of her body were joined together and the Buddha Amitabha blessed her with 1000 arms with an eye each on every palm. Then with renewed vows and vigor she set out to help all sentient beings attain nirvana.

Because of her multi hands and eyes, she is fully equipped with all the tools to guide the sentient beings nirvana. The only thing, we as devotee, need to have is faith in her and accept her as the only hope against hope in this era of degrading human qualities.


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