Fossilized White Snake


The present “White Serpent Reliquary” was later offered to the Abbot by a man as the symbol of the Dragon. The man offered this because he dreamt a white serpent assisting the Abbot to develop the Thavara Temple.  The miracle of this reliquary which can cure diseases by her toxic saliva is well known.  This White Serpent Reliquary is preserved as the sacred sanctuary of the white she-cobra. Visitors can visit this reliquary in the Thavara Temple. Many tourists flock in every year to pay her respects, especially during the Annual Vegetarian Festival. The favorite flavors of the White Serpent spirit are flowers, oil and perfumes. When visitors apply aromatic oil or lotion to her, the serpent image will immediately look alive. This serpent have been aestivated for thousands of years until she was fossilized into a white stone. This could be the rare case in Thailand.

The fact about this was many years back one Businessman from Singapore prayed and wished before the “White Serpent Reliquary” containing the fossilized white snake, to be cured from his stomachache which had been troubling him for the last ten years.  Following this visit, he was cured and was convinced that the White Serpent saved him from an imminent death. Thus as a token of gratitude he devoted several millions of Baht to the building of the Nine-tier Peace Pagoda at the Thavara Temple.  And with additional financial contributions coming in the latter days, the Peace Pagoda saw off its funding strands. The construction was completed in 2006 (B.E.2549) and today it stands majestically tall overlooking the City of HatYai.


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