Message from the Founding President


The Most Venerable Ongpotjanagongosol


Buddhism occurred in India over 2500 years ago. It is already known as the religion of the world today. With change of times, Buddhism vanished from India, almost entirely, but in the regions of Asia and even Europe and America, today, it is under the process of extensive development and spreading. In today’s society there are infinite problems like poverty, disputes, and so on. The effectiveness and relevance of Buddhism get only better when tested by such chaotic circumstances. The Buddha Dhamma definitely has the tools and insights to resolve and cure the world's entire sicknesses!

Hence, Mahapanya Vidayalai (MPV) was launched in B.E. 2545 to nurture and provide the resources and expertise to address the pressing ills of the world at the large and of the Buddhist world in particular. In this humble pursuit but with our sky-high vision, we strive to promote humanity with the aid of Buddha’s teachings and deliver peace and happiness by the means of study and practice of Buddhism. MPV has already started with the faculty of Buddhist study, where English is used as the teaching medium. It accommodates both overseas and local students.

MPV is also boosted further by its capable and qualified masters and teachers who conduct retreats and meditation sessions on regular basis. In this way, MPV lives up to its goal and expectation of emphasizing upon the study and practice of Buddhism. May the Buddha dharma proliferate and benefit all sentient beings!