Mahapanya Vidayalai (MPV) was founded by the Chief Patriarch of Anamnikaya in collaboration with both Thailand’s Mahayana and Theravada Schools of Buddhism and with the support of The His Holiness Somdet Phra Buddhacarya.  The Buddhist monks from Annam (former name of Vietnam) traveled to the Kingdom of Thailand and propagated Buddhism during the Ratanakosin Dynasty. Eventually, this propagation became reputed as Anamnikaya Sangha or the Vietnamese Monastic Community in Thailand. His Majesty the King Rama V recognized it as legal and noble Buddhist school and clubbed it under the Supreme Patriarch of the Buddhism (Theravada) of the Kingdom of Thailand. Today, this school is mainly preserved by the Thai and Thai-Chinese ordained monks even though it is rooted in Vietnamese tradition.

The Chief Patriarch of Anamnikaya places very high importance in education and has sacrificed his entire life to educational works.  In the year B.E. 2532, he founded Kusonsamakorn Vidayalai School and soon constructed a seven story teaching block at a total cost of more than 30M Baht.  Next, he raised a total of 15M Baht for funding education.  He once exclaimed, “I must be able to see the establishment of an all-inclusive Buddhist university that I’ve planned since 40 years ago in my life!”  Soon after, his proposal to set up a Buddhist university at Anamnikayaram Temple, Bangkok, was affirmed during the Anamnikaya general meeting.  This was an ideal venue for establishing a university. Anamnikayaram Temple’s location next to Chaophaya River ensured accessibility to the place both by land and water transports. However, owing to unforeseen issues and legal hassles the plan to establish a university on this identified venue was aborted. The Chief Patriarch continued his search for a new location to realize his selfless dream.

Finally, having spotted Wat Thawornwararam, Hatyai, Songkhla, as the ideal location, the Chief Patriarch of Anamnikaya consulted His Holiness Samdet Phra Buddhacarya. A conference was convened by Mahachulalongkornrajavidayalaya (MCU) and the representatives of Anamnikaya on 5 March, 2002, (B.E. 2545) at Wat Sraket, Bangkok.  His Holiness Somdet Phra Buddacarya who presided the conference concluded to establish an autonomous institute but with curricular affiliation to MCU and finally, at the launch of the institute, His Holiness bestowed the name “Mahapanya Vidayalai” or the “College for Buddhist Wisdom.”

The Chief Patriarch of Anamnikaya assigned his then Secretary Venerable Ongpotjanagongosol as the Chief Administrator to supervise all issues with regards to the developing of MPV.  Henceforth, Venerable Ongpotjanagongosol associated and solicited the members of overseas Sangha such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, and so on, for funds to foster the establishment and the sustainability of MPV in keeping with the curricular and academic guidance of MCU.