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Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University.

 An Affiliated Instute : Mahapanya Vidayalai Hatyai Songkhla

Higher Education Management. Development Plan stage III,

The  11th Plan    (BE 2555 - 2559)

1. Implementations of bachelor degree program in Mahapanya studies promote Mahayana Buddhism to personnel devoted to become Buddhist heirs in view of faith propagation, regardless of sects and nationals. Such a goal goes hand in hand with the National plan of socioeconomic Development Stage II. Since Mahapanya Vidayalai is looking forward to international co-operation in promotion and conservation of Buddhism, the instruction herein emphasizes both theory and practice. Students enjoy ample opportunities to develop their potentials to meet graduate requisites and social precedence




Strategy 1

Production of Graduates in Buddhist studies and personnel development

Graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills as well as requisites in accordance with standard criteria of higher education curriculum.

-  Personnel are knowledgeable about academic skills.

Tactic 1. Development of graduates through instruction and club activities.

Tactic 2. Various measures are taken to ameliorate personnel management (further education,self-study, participation in meetings and seminars).

Tactic 3.Upgraaing Mahapanya Vidayalai to become an international center of Buddhist studies.

Tactic 4.Encouragement to reaching personnel to develop their academic potentials/skills in education administration.

Strategy 2

Development of instruction process

Graduates are endowed with academic potential and development

(intelligence, emotional, forbearance, physical well – being and so on)

Tactic 5. Development and implementation of Buddhist and social studies.

Tactic 6. Process of education administration using mechanism with respect to criteria of quality assurance.

Tactic 7. Development of learning source and education technology at the ready

Strategy 3

Emphasis on research

An institute of higher education is the center of research on creating a new body of knowledge.

Tactic 8. Development of research implementation

Tactic 9. The personnel is encouraged and supported to carry out research for the benefit of instruction and institute development.

Tactic 10. Publication of research and pursuit of funding source.

Strategy 4

Offering service with respect to Buddhism to the community

The institute is the center of academic service and of learning for Buddhism.

Tactic 11. Development of presentation and of methodology in offering academic service with respect to Buddhism to the people.

Tactic 12. Promotion of Buddhism activities for the benefit of youth.

Tactic 13. Performing rituals and informative activities relevant to Buddhism Offering devout traditional service.

Strategy 5

Promotion of Buddhism as well as artistic and cultural expressions.

An institute of  Buddhist studies supports, passes on and conserves cultural activities.

Tactic 14. Dissemination of Buddhist activities and cultural conservation.

Tactic 15. Promotion and conservation of Mahayana art rituals


Strategy 6

Development of management to facilitate departmental activities

Effective management within the institute with respect to learning organization.

Tactic 16. Development of potential of personnel at all level

Tactic 17.Use of technology in management.

Tactic 18. Development of fundamentals to facilitate departmental needs.

Tactic 19. Development of the institute

Become an organization of learning

Tactic 20. Public relation exercise

Strategy 7

Promotion of human resource development in accordance with the National Socioeconomics plan of Development stage II

A temple and its school are venues for learning and artistic and cultural expressions as well as for occupation development.

Tactic 21. Implementation of the institute to prepare youth for adjustment to social changes.

Tactic 22. Development of the institute to be mental refuge and source of lifelong education.

Tactic 23. Development of the institute to be a transmission source of art and culture




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