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Visa Service

MPV provides all the necessary documents to its students to extend their VISA for the four year BA program. However, MPV being MCU affiliate, the supporting letters for VISA approval and extentions are issued by MCU's head quarter, Bangkok. In order to receive the supporting letters for the visas, all MPV students must submit the required documents mentioned in the following two months before the visa-expiry to the MPV office. We are authorized to verify your documents and submit them to MCU for the supporting letters.

  1. Original Passport
  2. Two photo copy of passport with sign and date on it.
  3. Two pass port size photo (2x2) with Blue background.

Foreign student monks and lay students must notify their presence in the country once in every 90 days. They must report to the immigration office in Hatyai and submit a copy of their passport and visa. Following this the office will issue a slip confirming your 90days intimiation which they normally staple to the last page of your passport. Failing to report your presence of 90 days will result in heavy penalty. The 90-days are usually counted from the date of entry into the country. It is highly recommended to enter into the country before your visa expires and to keep your visa active, the students must obtain re-entry visa before you exit the country. Re-entry visas can be availed from all international immigration exit points of Thailand. But to avoid last minute hassles please apply for the re-entry visa at the Hatyai's immigration office and travel peacefully.



MPV provides a safe and comfortable place to live and study. It has enough rooms for all the foreign student monks inside the campus and it is free of cost.  MPV used to accomodate our monks in other temples if our accomodation run short but a new law has just been enacted by the Royal Goverment of Thailand and this prohibits foreign monks staying in the city temples. Hence, MPV has already built a fully furnished dormity at the suburbs of Hatyai to accomodate our monks. Free pick up and drop between the two locations which are about 7km apart are provided by MPV regularly. This dormitary location could not have been more ideal than this. It is totally isolated from the hustle and bustle of city lives and very good place for silence and truth seekers.

MPV's infrastructuure is developing and we had just finished the ground breaking ceremony on November 16, 2016, for the contruction of a 7-storey building block. This will have multi-purpose uses, and in fact, add further to accomodate effective learning and practices at MPV. 

Free meals:      

Monks in Thai­land are required to walk for alms-round (Pindha-patha) every early morn­ing. Apart from this, MPV pro­vides free meals (veg­e­tar­ian and non veg­e­tar­ian) to all monks and lay stu­dents, espe­cially lunch.

Din­ner and cooking inside the tem­ple premises are strictly pro­hib­ited.  However, we do pro­vide healthy drinks such as milk and fruits juice every evening.

The following are list of Rules and Regulations which is mandatory for all the residential monks and students. All these regulations are incorporated from the Vinaya Code of Conduct.

  1. Monks who want to stay here should get permission from the senior monk or administration office or from the venerable Chief Abbot of the temple.
  2. The residential monks should participate in the morning and evening chanting. Mahayana monks should chant at the 9 Storey Peace Pagoda and Theravada monks at the hall of the Three Giant Buddha statues.
  3. The residential monks must go for alms round and assemble twice a day for the breakfast and lunch at the dining hall.
  4. Residential monks should participate in the weekly cleaning days – Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Besides the study and work at the college, residential monks must take care of each and everything of the temple property.
  6. All international monks should live according to the norms of veneration by the Thai Society.
  7. Free students can volunteer for temple works, such as guiding a tourist, taking care of the environment and so on. For such services, the temple authority will remunerate the volunteers but they must record their working hours, time and date.
  8. Residential monks also need to record their daily works that they do in different times and consult the group leader weekly for further steps. Planning and recording is seen as an important step to improving the student’s inner strength and confidence. So, the Chief Abbot of the Wat-tha-varn temple specially emphasizes it for students.
  9. MPV residential students are advised to develop study both in Dhamma and languages (English and Thai), put the teachings into practice, observe the Vinaya rules and maintain public relationship. Students who are active and helpful to MPV and Temple, may receive awards from the Chief Abbot.
  10. Residential students are prohibited to go out at night for un-necessary shopping and traveling or visiting other places during the study hours or at time of ceremony at temple.
  11.  Students who wish to visit their friends, teachers or entertain guests, they should seek permission from the senior monk or Administration office.



Computers are available for student's use in the MPV campus attached to the library. All monks and lay students are allowed one hour per day of internet time free of charge. Any additional time must be purchased at the library counter. Free Wi-Fi service is available throughout the entire campus. 


Open Dhamma Learning Center


MPV has managed to run an open Dhamma learning center to the Buddhism and non Buddhist people to read Dhamma related books and general and its open 24 hours a day. People can take books and return themselves at any time. 

Meditation Hall

Regular meditation retreats have been conducted inside our environment friendly meditation hall. It can accomodate 300 people at a time. MPV's dharma activities are receiving growing numbers of following, and it has already become one of the major centers to pursue teaching and meditation of the dharma. 


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