MPV produces a new generation of graduates, both monks and lay people, to become religious devotees, endowed with wisdom, idealism, civil-mindedness, harmonious empathy, loving kindness, honesty, awareness or worldly vicissitudes, and loyalty to their own expertise.

Every week students organize various activities that can help students to boost their confidence in public speaking, Dhamma talks, and meditation. All students are required to join the student club in order to participate in group activities and share their cultural and personal views on Buddhism and about modern technological and scientific world. The administration hopes that it will help students not only in building their confidence and public speaking but also to make good relationship among students and in future they can work together for the welfare of Buddhism and building the peaceful environment.

MPV students club basically organizes the Dhamma talks, debates, group presentations, quizzes and other sorts of public speaking activities. During the activities student advisor or Director of MPV joins them so that their shortcommings could be indentified and suggest tips to improve speaking or listening skills.

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