Student’s Activities Report 2013

The first week of activity was done as usual choosing the new Student’s Leader, Vice Leader and as well as group leaders and group members. And the group was divided as follows:

Student’s Leader: Ven. Tilak Kumar Thapa 

Student’s Vice Leader: Ven. Fang Sakulaasikou 

         Group A

       Group B

       Group C

      Group D

Ven. Tuan Nguyen Anh (Captain)

Mr. Bhupendra Chhetri (Captain)

Ven. Pemba Passang Sherpa (Captain)

Ven. Kan Daorueng (Captain)

Ven. Da Un

Ven. Kha UN

Ven. Ul Keat

Ven. Neat Meas

Ven. Phurba Tsh. Sherpa

Ven. Dang Van Tam

Ven Songkran Seasong

Ven. Kritiman Sunakhari

Ven. U Sanda

Ven. Phurba Dorjey Sherpa

Ven. Nguyen Giap Ho

Ven. Chandratha Chea

Ven. Vandy Ven

Ven. Tung Tran Van

Ven. Long Nguyen Cong

Ven. Tuan Kieu Quan

Ven. Thuong Le Van

Ven. Nhuong Nguyen Tan

Ven. Sokharn Khuy

Ven. Noeme Thasanwipha

Ven. Thang Le Van


These are the names of the elected student leaders and members. All students must participate in each and every activity that will be set out in the coming weeks. Every week one group should lead the rest of the groups and the leading group is responsible to organize all programs and presentations of that given week.


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