Mahapanya Vidayalai, The College for Wisdom (MPV), is an international Buddhist college with a student body composed of monks and lay students from several Asian countries. It was founded in 2002 by the Supreme Patriarch of Anamikaya, the Vietnamese Mahayana school of Thailand, and it is currently led by its co-founder the Most Venerable Abbot Ongpotjanagongosol. MPV is an affiliate of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU) and it offers a fully credentialed undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program in Buddhist Studies.

Ideally located in Hat Yai, Songkhala Province of Southern Thailand, MPV’s curriculum and ethics are rooted in the Buddha's wisdom and the subsequent Nalanda traditions. Nonetheless, our curriculum and the pedagogy are very up-to-date as they are dynamically being tailored in keeping with the modern education standards. MPV graduates also qualify for graduate education in secular and religious institutions throughout the world. Steered by resilient dedication and commitment our endeavor has successfully produced over 70 quality graduates so far. 

We strive to promote study, contemplation, and application of the Buddhist values and wisdom through our vision and mission.

Our vision in general is to “Illuminate the world with the Torch of Wisdom of Buddhism.” No matter how advanced we are materialistically the world is still groping in the darkness of negative mind. No matter how smart we are, we are still ignorant of the truth of selflessness. No matter how learned and accomplished we are, we still fail to address the ills of the world. Hence, the Torch of Wisdom of Buddhism that is equipped with the four pronged wisdom of the Four Noble Truths has become relevant more than ever. 

Specifically, our vision includes four dimensions: classroom education, research, community-service and leadership. It strives for the highest quality in each of those domains, enabled by the most up to date and relevant learning theories and technologies. It aims to be fully collaborative and compliant with the standards set out by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Thailand.

Our mission in general is to promote peace and harmony by distributing the “Torch of Wisdom of Buddhism” across every nook and corner of the world through our institution. But to do this, possessing unbiased compassion towards all sentient beings is very essential. Hence, we declare in our mission, “Universal Compassion is the only source of peace and happiness in the world.” It means to realize the four truths of our vision; there is no other special ways than obtaining the universal compassion. Thus, it has become our imperative to equip the students with compassion that penetrates all boundaries. Our mission is further reinforced by The Late His Majesty The King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s royal moto, “Our soul is for the benefit of the humankind.”

Specifically, as MPV is becoming a center of education, information, and research on Buddhism through the cooperation and affiliation of institutes of higher learning, home and international, it is going to produce graduates of quality and virtue. Hence, our specific missions are: 1) Production and development of quality graduates to fulfill the requirements of the society. 2) Promotion of researches and studies for practical application of propagation of Buddhism. 3) Contribution of services relevant to Buddhology towards communities and the society at large. And 4) support the conservation of the local culture.

For a more detailed overview about MPV, go here. For a more detailed life story of our Abbot, go here. 



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